The Garden

Our local gardener Tim Pilgrim tends to the garden weekly, ensuring produce for each and every season. The harvest garden has an array of fresh herbs, salad leaves and vegetables for you to hand pick and use during your stay at the house. A mini orchard featuring pears, apples and quinces, is also the perfect setting for long lunches and dinners under the trees. Surrounding the vegetable patch is a mediterranean garden as well as strawberries, blackberries and raspberries to enjoy all summer long.

The Estate Tea Garden

Herbal teas offer amazing health benefits and can bring a calm and centred state of mind. The Estate Tea Garden offers a range of herbs that you can use dried or fresh to make nourishing and soothing infusions. Depending on the herb, teas can be made from the dried or fresh leaves, flowers or seeds. Simply use 1-3 tablespoons (depending on the desired strength) of the selected herb for each cup of water and let steep for up to 5 minutes. Add a squeeze of lemon and / or a tea spoon of honey if desired. The Estate Tea Garden has the following herbs for you to select from;

Korean Mint – A digestive, use the leaves dried or fresh to make a refreshing tea

Oregano -The miracle herb, is used for digestive and respiratory ailments, use the dried leaves and flowering stems

Anise – use the leaves, dried or fresh to sooth cardiac and diaphoretic issues
Rosa rugosa – symbolises love, is nourishing for the spleen and liver and promotes circulation, use the fruit and leaves

Bergamot – A digestive, use the leaves or seed, dried or fresh to make a simple tasting tea

Lemon balm – A lovely soothing herb, is a grounding tea that will lift your spirits, use the leaves dried or fresh

Calendula – A cleansing and detoxifying tea made from the petals and flowers

Mint – Use the dried or fresh leaves for a refreshing and delightful digestive tea

Lavender – Use the fresh or dried flowers to make a beautiful calming and sleep promoting tea


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